Route System Update

With the temporary closure of so many Portland businesses due to the Coronavirus, we have condensed Portland Metro Area Route Service to two routes instead of three.
A Route will run from 8:00 am to noon, B Route from noon to 5:00 pm.

Orders picked up on A Route will deliver on B. Orders picked up on B will deliver the following morning by noon.

Our full On Demand team is available for expedited services as normal.

We appreciate your patience and continued business as we navigate this crisis and hope everyone stays safe and healthy.

Ensuring Customer Delivery Service Continuity during COVID-19 Crisis

Ensuring Customer Delivery Service Continuity during COVID-19 Crisis

To Our Valued Customers:

The past several weeks have impacted all of us as the COVID-19 virus has disrupted many facets of our personal and professional lives. The impacts to the Pacific NW delivery chain have been no exception, which is why we wanted to update you on the steps we have taken at Senvoy to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees, while remaining focused on providing service continuity for all of our customers.

While we feel that every customers’ work is important, Senvoy is the contracted courier for many pharmacies, medical facilities, and labs, including the Oregon State Public Health Lab. We know it is critical that we keep our driving teams healthy and able to work through this crisis as we are delivering potentially life-saving orders on a daily basis.

We have sent best practices suggestions to several clients whose work is high-touch between pick up, sort and delivery and have adjusted some of our normal protocols to lessen the potential for contamination. We are also adhering to new protocols enacted by clients. Some of these steps include:

  • Drivers will no longer ask for signatures by fingertip on their phone screens.
    •  Receivers may sign with their own touchscreen stylus or drivers will simply type in the name of the person accepting delivery for Proof of Delivery.
  • Drivers are disinfecting phones frequently.
  • Sorting areas are being disinfected with Lysol and hand sanitizer is on hand for drivers and sorting staff.
  • Recommending to customers that they disinfect all courier bags before and after handling at their locations.
  • Customer Service and Dispatch areas at Senvoy Base are being sanitized and staff is committing to adhere to social distancing practices.
  • Company Vehicles are being disinfected each night.
  • At facilities with at-risk residents, such as Nursing Homes, we are requesting that items for pick up or delivery are exchanged at front reception desks, rather than sending drivers through the facilities to nursing stations.
  • At most hospitals, staff are meeting drivers at entry doors, or drivers are submitting to temperature checks before entering the facility.
  • We are updating clients to closures as our drivers discover new end destinations that have shuttered offices, and keeping lines of communication open for all service adjustments that must be made suddenly.
  • We are making adjustments on a daily basis as we learn of customers that are temporarily closing their offices and allowing staff to work from home, and offering home delivery to clients whenever possible, with drops at the door and photographic Proof of Delivery.

As we all work through this challenging time together, we know that it is imperative that your delivery services continue to operate without incident. We know you count on us to ensure all of your courier needs are met, regardless of external factors, no matter how big. Our teams are experienced in managing through crisis situations and are committed to ensuring that you receive the best service at the most critical times.

We are incredibly proud of our staff on all levels for showing up, adjusting to sudden changes, and being committed to taking care of our customers. We know that this crisis will end and that our marketplace may look very different a few short months from now. We plan to help our customers weather the transitions as much as we can by at least keeping delivery worries at bay.

Please do not hesitate to phone us at any time. We are here to help.

With every good wish from your Senvoy Team,

Jerry Brazie              Meredith Greenwood
President                   Vice President of Sales