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  • Robin Reineke

    I know we have met and have certainly chatted on the phone over the years.
    You have always taken care of my problem or need with a professional and upbeat manner……2 things that don’t always go hand in hand! You will be missed, but I have no doubt that your mentoring and example have had a big effect on the rest of the team.
    CONGRATULATIONS on your retirement! Well deserved!

  • Megan Hart

    Gary, where do we begin? You have been my go to person whenever I have some dumb questions or am completely lost in something that has changed in our system. Where am I supposed to go to now?!! Just kidding!
    Thank you for always being such a help to me and taking those confusing calls and really being the biggest MVP.
    I hope that you try and relax and enjoy yourself in your retirement. Enjoy a cocktail or 12, you deserve it!

    You’ll be missed, congrats sir.

  • Gui Besbati

    Thank you Gary for all your time doing the best for the company. It’s been great working with you. Congratulations on your retirement and have a blast!!

  • Jodi Johnson

    Gary – it was always a pleasure to see you walk into our First American office in Hillsboro. Your professionalism and great personality will both be missed. All the best to you as you move on to a gentler pace!

  • Jamie Denbow, ARC

    Congratulations on your retirement, Gary! Thank you for your assistance with the dynamic needs for our organization. I appreciate you always going above and beyond when I contacted you and needed assistance.

  • Allen Fong, Quest Diagnostics.

    Congrats Gary, enjoy your retirement!

  • Deana Ward

    Gary , It’s been a pleasure working with you and I wish you all the best in your retirement. Congratulations – Now go have some fun!

  • Carmen

    Happy Retirement Gary!!!!!

  • Nicole Martinez

    WOW! What will I do without being able to pester you on where this is and what happened to that? LOL 😉
    Well I appreciate you and all you do and have done! Congrats on all your accomplishments and being able to go let it all hang loose. 🙂

  • Tracie

    Congrats Gary, You will be missed. Enjoy you well deserved retirement!

  • Tina Serrano

    Happy retirement Gary!

  • Toni Lowe

    Enjoy your retirement, Gary. It sounds like you more than deserve it.

  • Justin Yamada

    Congratulations, Gary! Thank you for the great customer service and dedication. Enjoy your retirement!

  • Jamie Wiggins

    Gary I clearly remember back in 2003 when you took me out to one of our title customers and started showing me the ropes. I had only been driving at that time and distinctly recall feeling like you were giving me a real opportunity to advance and I did not want to squander the opportunity that you were giving me. I will never forget that. I also recall feeling overwhelmed as I wanted to make every attempt to have the knowledge in my brain that you do and even 17 years later I can honestly say I am still working on that and I expect to always chase that goal.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed every day working with you through the good times and even the bad. I have always felt very lucky to be on the same team as a guy like you.

    Brooke and I wish you and Catherine nothing but our absolute best.

    I will miss you.

  • Jeff Heitzler / Sheridan Fruit

    Gary, thanks for your excellent customer service over the years. Enjoy your well-deserved retirement!

  • Gary Conkey

    A great thanks to everyone that took the time to post something for me. It has been a pleasure to be a part of Senvoy and the fantastic group of people that I have worked with over the years. So many memories that it will take some time to reflect on them all. It has also been an honor to work with so many wonderful customers and to think that in some small way I may have a part of their success as well. Cheers to all! Gary

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